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Trumpet and Orchestra
Alexander Arutunian- Trumpet Concerto
Oskar Böhme- Concerto for Trumpet and Orchestra in F minor, Op. 18
Johann Nepomuk Hummel- Concerto in E Major 
Franz Josef Haydn- Concerto in Eb Major
Ernest Bloch- Proclamation for Trumpet and Orchestra
Eino Tamberg- Concerto No. 1 for Trumpet and Orchestra, Op. 42
Trumpet and Chamber Orchestra
George Philipp Telemann- Concerto in D Major TWD 51:D7
Johann Wilhelm Hertel- Concerto No. 1 in Eb Major
Georg Frideric Handel- Suite in D
Petronio Francheschini- Sonata in D for Two Trumpets
Johann Melchoir Molter- Concerto for two trumpets 9MMW IV No.9 
J.P.G. Neruda- Concerto in Eb Major (originally for Corno de Caccia)
G.B. Viviani- Concerto No. 2 for two trumpets
Antonio Vivaldi- Concerto in C Major for two trumpets
Trumpet and Electronics
Yan Maresz- Metallics for Trumpet and Live Electronics (1995)
Michele Tadini- Notturna per tromba ed elettronica (Milano 1997)
Oehring, Helmut- Philipp for trumpet and live electronics
Trumpet and Piano
Jean Baptiste Arban- The Carnival of Venice
Guilluame Balay- Andante et Allegro
Luciano Berio- Sequenza X for Trumpet and Piano Resonance
Leonard Bernstein- Rondo for Lifey
Theo Charlier- Deuxieme Solo de Concours
Peter Maxwell Davies- Sonata
Georges Enescu- Legend
Philippe Gaubert- Cantabile et Scherzetto
Paul Hindemith- Sonata
Arthur Honneger- Intrada
Jacques Ibert- Impromptu
Jules Levy- Grand Russian Fantasia
Kent Kennan- Sonata
Oehring, Helmut- Melencolia I 
Marcel Poot- Etude de Concert
Joseph Turrin- Two Portraits
Trumpet in Chamber Ensemble
Kagel, Mauricio: Fanfanfaren (1993/94), Morceau de Concours duet version (1971/92), Nah und Fern, pièce radiophonique (Radiostük für Glocken und Trompeten mit Hintergrund) (1993/94) 
Thomas Stevens- Triangles II- Segnali, for 9 trumpets
Igor Stravinski- Octet for Wind Instruments
Upcoming Works

Staffan Storm- Three Autumns

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